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Birthday Greetings to You by: Cheryl Carlyle
Happy Birthday Greetings To you, oh nephew of mine. Happy day of the year. Joys to you this day that is so fine. One year older you are that is clear.

Celebration by: Mary E Carpio
To a that wonderful lady it's a special celebration, Cause you mean so much to us, we're bursting with jubilation.

Family Christmas by: Lottie Ann Knox
The season has started with a gentle snowfall. Nature's covering up with a blanket of white. Day starts too early as Winter comes to call, Time to cut a fir Christmas tree before night.

I Lost a Special Girl by: Daniel
I lost a special girl I will never get her back I lost a special girl my love for her could never lack I lost a special girl.

Lilys in the Field by: Janice Engle
Once at play the lilies danced, among the flowers on the hill, Laughing singing dancing playing, these lilies of the field.

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